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Endau Rompin National Park

Rompin National Park is considered to be some of the world's oldest rainforest. In fact, huge swatches of Endau remain unexplored until today. It has been estimated that this massive green belt is home to a number of wild free-roaming tigers.

This jungle, covering about 50,000 hectares of mostly pristine tropical rainforest in the State of Johor, houses an abundance of animal and plant species. Many of them unique to this jungle.

The trees here include towering forest hardwoods, as well as rare fan palms, pitcher plants, rattans and orchids. Medicinal plants have also been found here too; the original inhabitants, the so-called "orang asli", have been using the beneficial properties of these plants for centuries.

Wildlife here includes elephants, rhinoceros, leopard, tigers, tapirs, sun bears, deer and wild oxen, all of which have been documented here, along with more than 270 bird species, many indigenous to this region.

Part of Mersing's Rainforest to Reef initiative, once-in-a-lifetime Endau jungle excursions can now be booked in advance. Awaken your inner Tarzan and Jane! For more details, click here.

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