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Downtown Mersing

   In spite of its modestly sized population and lack of high-profile attractions, Mersing is not just a place to while away time before hopping on the ferry elsewhere. On the contrary. In fact, amongst Mersing's main draws are its unique zeitgeist, leisurely pace of life and awesome food.

Visitors who have stayed in Mersing have noted how it seems to breathe an almost nostalgic charm of a Malaysian kampong of yesteryear, whilst at the same time boasting some of modern-day developments too. None of these, however, include any glamorous economic or urban projects. Although, that being said, there are signs that Mersing is now on its way to forge ahead, perhaps pulled along by Johor Bahru's wake.

But for now, Mersing comprises just a few roads, lined by traditional shop houses, that were once just as common in Singapore. You'll find all kinds of goods for sale in Mersing, from authentic Hari Raya baju kurong, through to brightly-colored flip-flops and, of course, cell phones of all shapes, sizes and budgets. There's also some fast-food outlets and a few generic supermarkets. But if you really want to get a taste of Mersing, then try one of its makan shops. The food here is absolutely delicious.

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