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Mersing Harbour Centre

   With the recent completion of Mersing Harbour Centre, the erstwhile sleepy town of Mersing can be said to have entered its modern era. After all, whereas, previously, tourism as an industry was allocated mediocre sums of funding and, indeed attention, at best, by local government, this has now changed wholesale.

The same applies to the area's infrastructure, which has also been receiving capital injections in earnest.

The public at large and local entrepreneurs in particular, have taken notice of the developments and are putting their money where their mouth is. Tourism is burgeoning as a result.

The contrast couldn't be greater with the early days of Pulau tioman; whilst in the old days ferry tickets were only available at the few established Mersing-based travel agents and the sidelining "ticket packi" that had taken up station at the ferry terminal, providing ferry tickets to anyone and everyone, nowadays ferry tickets, after having been booked online from a select number of providers, can simply be collected from the ferry counter in the Mersing Harbour Centre complex, before boarding. Courtesy of progress and of better regulation.

But apart from the main ferry ticket collection point, Mersing Harbour Centre also provides a location for Mersing tourism industry to service its visitors, both local and from overseas. IThe purpose of its online tourism portal on Mersingharbourcentre.com has been enjoying great popularity amongst the latter especially, given the convenience it provides travellers abroad, aiming to visit the Mersing area or its numerous paradise islands. The website reflects the physical building almost to a t and provides many of the complex's services to boot.

In addition, Mersing Harbour Centre offers a variety of amenities and facilities that render the portal a very functional meeting spot for the crowds, both tourists and shoppers, as well as local daytrippers.

Car park, washrooms, shower cubicles, a retail section, sundry shops, a prayer room, a kiddie playground, and of course a food and beverage section, Mersing Harbour Centre features it all.

Best of all, Mersing Harbour Centre is easy to find, as it's already acquired quite a name for itself in Mersing and the surrounding area. Bus drivers and taxi drivers from far will instantly know where to go upon mentioning the name Mersing Harbour Centre.

Want to go to Tioman, Rawa, any of the Mersing bounty islands? Or perhaps to Endau Rompin National Park? Mersing Harbour Centre is the place to be.

And that also includes if you're in for any of the recreational activities mersing os known for, such as island-hopping, scuba diving, angling, jungle-trekking etc. Mersing Harbour Centre' operators will be able to book you up, not just with the relevant information but with the relevant outfit that can provide the activity you're looking for.

Mersing Harbour Centre boleh :)
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